Music to the rescue

You may think that that title doesn’t make any sense, but let me tell you it definitely does. Two nights ago I went to bed having just finished putting together the most beautiful by day bed you have ever seen that I bought on eBay. I’ve looked for one of these for many years but they’ve always been too expensive, so when I saw this one for $300 in a suburb only an hour away I bid on it and won it much to my delight. After picking it up I had vanished would back to its original condition and put on my front porch where I planned on using it on the weekends to watch everybody else walk past and mow their lawns. In the middle of the night I woke up to hear the old silver wind chimes clattering wildly and then falling to the ground on the front deck. I jumped out of bed and ran outside just in time to see two guys take off across the road and leap my neighbours fence and climb down the hill under the highway. I noticed that my new day bed  was halfway down my front stairs and wind chimes were all tangled around one of the legs on the ground. Obviously these two guys had taken a liking to my bed and decided to steal it in the middle of the night. They had tangled with the chimes and had to drop the bed and runaway. I chased them across the road and down under the highway but I lost them as they crossed the six lanes of traffic into the local park. I decided it wasn’t safe to chase them any further and by then I realised I was still wearing my pyjamas and was in major difficulties if the police caught me in the park. I went home and took the bed back up onto the porch, then went and got my daughter’s bicycle chain and chain leg of the bed to the concrete pillar on the porch. I’d like to see them try and take that away.


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