Healthy Experiment

I’m a big fan of eating, I think everyone is. I love to make new dishes every night and try every dessert under the sun. But my girlfriend recently has implied that I need to eat a bit healthier. She thinks that I’m just a little too unhealthy about what I eat and that I need to swing the pendulum the other way, just a tad, in her words. She’s a real health freak, always eating kale and superfoods and all that jazz. Always working out her core muscles on her yoga mat, always swimming laps of our pool, because it’s a small pool she has to swim 100 or so to get a good workout in.

So anyway, she’s said she made me meals for every night this week, basically an experiment. I think it won’t be nearly as nice as the food I make, which while tasting amazing it is full of oil and fat and salt, basically everything that tastes good and is also not very good for your body. So she’s made a bunch and I’m going to try them out, while also going along to exercise¬†with her.

So she took me along to her gym this week, I was very apprehensive. It’s a real nervous experience walking into a gym, music blaring with very fit and very attractive people all doing their thing. You think they’re all looking at you like you’re an amateur. They’re not really, but it definitely seems that way. So we started our little program, had our experimental food for the week and I was really surprised. It definitely tasted different, I’m not gonna lie, but hey, it was good for me. I could definitely see myself eating it one or two nights a week. Just as long as I can get a good steak in there too! She was happy that I’d shifted a little bit, I’m glad that she’s happier with me, always makes for an easier time.


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