My Grandmothers last gift

It took us nearly 2 hours to get to my grandmother’s home, because it was way out in the bush located under a mountain range that I remembered from my childhood. My grandmother had died two weeks before and my wife and I were making the trip down to her home for the last time. She had been a strong woman bearing seven children who in turn had given her 31 grandchildren. But now at the age of 91 she had finally died from a heart attack while sitting in her favourite chair on the front porch looking out over the acreage. My wife and I had been chosen by the family to come clean out the house as we lived only two hours away whereas the rest of them lived interstate. The house was just as I remembered it, full of photos of her children and even many of the grandchildren which took up most of the wall above the staircase. I wasn’t looking forward to going through all the things and we had made a deal with the rest of the family that all the furniture and most of the goods other than personal items would be given to charity. so we brought an empty suitcase with us thinking that we would only be bringing back some small items. It was hard going through all her clothes realising that she wouldn’t wear them ever again, and even her shoes looked lonely. My wife cleaned out all the drawers in her bedroom and I went through a number of small boxes she had put at the back of her  closet. Most of the boxes had even more photographs dating back 30 or 40 years so I put them aside planning on keeping them for the family. A small box at the back called my attention, and when I opened it I found three pearl rosary beads that had been her favourites throughout  her life. My wife was thrilled with the discovery because she is a catholic herself and was overjoyed at the thought of doing the Rosary on her grandmothers beads.

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