Grandmothers gift part 2

After cleaning out her bedroom we went downstairs to the living room which was her favourite room in the house. My grandmother loved to entertain and often had all the neighbours and people from the local community around the large dinners that were known to go through the night and even into the early hours of the next morning. She had a bit of a reputation as a drinker and the local story was that she drank the local cattle baron under the table many years ago as a bet so now she got free meat from his farm for all her big dinners. The living room  is a combined living and dining room and I remembered many of those dinner parties with people sitting at the table eating and drinking while lots of other people mingled in the living room. She had been particularly proud of a silver cutlery set she had been given by her husband 30 or 40 years ago and which now sat in the downstairs drawer waiting for somebody to take them home. My wife went downstairs to find the cutlery set and I kept cleaning up the kitchen. Suddenly I heard a cry and my wife called from me to come downstairs to see what she had discovered. Behind the cutlery set my wife had pulled out a large silver candelabra which was covered in cobwebs and rusty around the base. I suddenly remembered that this candelabra had graced the centre of her dining table during all those famous dinner parties she had held through the decades. I actually felt quite teary remembering how she had  light the candles every Christmas when the family came to dinner. My wife was energetically cleaning the rust off the base and she said that she felt with some good polishing and tender loving care that she could have it back to its pristine best. I feel quite excited at the idea that the next Christmas dinner at my house will feature this beautiful object in the middle of the table with all of her children having Christmas lunch and remembering her


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